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Lead Presentations
  • Disasters and Early Warning - Filipe Lucio, Director, Mozambique National Institute for Meteorology, Mozambique
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  • Water Resources - Mike Muller, Visiting Research Fellow, Witwatersrand University School of Public and Development Management, South Africa
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  • Agriculture & Food Security - Ramesh Jain, United Nations Resident Coordinator and FAO Representative to the Philippines, India
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  • Human Health & Disease Control - Anthony McMichael, Director, National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, Australian National University, Australia
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Decision Making Research
  • Renate Schubert, Professor of Economics at the Swiss Federal Institute for Technology, Switzerland: The Theory of Decision Making
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  • Elke Weber, Professor of Psychology and Management, Columbia University, USA: Psychology of Decision Making
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  • Ulrich Hess, The United Nations World Food Programme, Italy: Weather Risk Markets change people's lives -A weather index based approach to protecting livelihoods and saving livesLiving
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  • P. R. Sheshagiri Rao, Chennakeshava Trust, India: Whose decision is it anyway? - Farm level decision making in a semi arid India
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